Social Media Benefits

Most of the time we hear about how bad social media is and I want to talk about the good side of social media in today’s post. Social media, internet, smart phones – it’s all fairly new and that is why I think it’s normal that we have been going through this fase of overusing it and using it the wrong way. Most of new inventions have brought some bad things with them because we simply did not yet know how to operate. Think about electricity, it was really dangerous back then cause they didn’t have the right regulations and understanding so a lot of accidents and fires and explosions happened. And let’s not even get into medicine.

At first it was this new fun and stimulating thing so of course we were all over it. Too much of the good thing is always a bad thing. The thing is, we’re fially starting to get the hang of it. We’re acknowledging the bad sides of social media, talking about it and taking a more balanced approach to it.

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New Mom Life. The new generations who are becoming moms are so lucky! They can get any information online, there are thousands of videos out there talking about the ugly sides of motherhood, staying at home or working moms, post partum depression & anxiety. It helps so much to know that you are not alone, that it’s ok to struggle and to not be happy all the time. There is endless information on anything you need to know about pregnancy & newborns. Many new moms feel like they don’t know enough and maybe never had a mother figure or live far away from family, so it’s great that they can get advice from other mom from all around the world, from different backgrounds and different lifestyles. When I had my first two kids there were a lot of baby forums and I quit them almost immediately cause they just made me feel like crap with all their “perfect” lives. I loved watching Teen Mom cause it showed the struggles of motherhood, not just for teenage moms but for all moms.

Teenage/Embarrasing Questions. How wonderful for the teenagers of today to be able to find all the answers to their embarrasing questions online! Whether they are too scared to talk to their parents or they don’t have anyone, they can get all the knowledge online. And this applies to any embarrasing questions you might have.

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How to evertything! From physical to mental to spiritual. How to be happier, more productive, better parent, healthy. How to learn more efficiently, budget, do your hair, learn to do anything. If I would’ve have all those productivity, happy mindset and learning videos as a teenager I would’ve been in so much better mental space. It’s wonderful that so many people share their knowledge and skills on social media for us to learn. Today you can pretty much do anything with the help of youtube!

Making money. A very important part of social media. How amazing is it that it’s possible to make money online and through social media! Especially for the stay at home moms, people with disabilities, introverts, people with social anxiety, students. There are so many possibilities for anyone!

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Getting to know people beforehand. How many time have we wasted on friends and dates to find out they’re a creep or have conflicting ideas about something (politics, religion, parenting, lifestyle, racism etc) with ours. Now you can gather a lot of information about people on social media, you can avoid getting invested in people that would eventually disappear from your life anyway. This saves time and heartbreak.

Finding your people. Whatever things you like, whatever hobbies you have and however weird they might be – online you can find people who are into the same weird stuff as you. In real life it might be rare to meet those people, but thanks to social media you get to connect with them.

Dating & hooking up. So much more opportunities for dating and hook ups.The great thing is that online people are more likely to be honest about their intentions and let others know they’re only looking for some fun or a one night stand. Much less heartbreak this way :) And dating of course. How many people have found the love of their life online today? A shitload – me included!

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Ok, I’m done glorifying social media for today :P The thing is, humans tend to exaggerate EVERYTHING. We turn so many good things into bad things because we just can’t keep it balanced. So keep it balanced people and enjoy the benefits of social media. Happy Valentine’s Day!


How to cure a cold/flu on a small budget

Welcome back if you are here after my “How to prevent a cold/flu on a small budget“. Today let’s take a look at the cheap options when it’s already too late and you or someone in your family is already sick, how to abbreviate the duration and to help with the symptoms. Some of these are the same as for prevention. Also let me quickly say that this is not a medical blog or anything, just a mom sharing tips that have helped her :) And future posts will be about various topics.

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Ginger. It’s great for cough, for nausea and helps with sweating so our bodies can flush out the germs and toxins more easily. Drink ginger tea, cook with it, throw a piece in smoothies (that’s what I do, gives a nice kick to it). There are lots of versions and types of all kind of mixes and concoctions with ginger that help either prevent or cure the cold and the flu. I usually prepare the night before some fresh lemon juice, honey, grated ginger (when I buy ginger I peel it, cut it to pieces and freeze it; then I just take out one piece to grate or for my smoothies) and cinnamon. In the morning I add some hot water (and some cold water I keep in fridge to add to teas & stuff to be able to drink right away) and drink as soon as we wake up. Usually for us adults it’s around half a mug or a little over half glass, my older boys (10 & 8) get a little less and now that my youngest is 2,5 I can give some to him too (I used a shot glass cause they’re nice and small). Usually the little one drinks it without fuss, cause the honey makes it nice and sweet, it’s basically a nice warm tea. You can either strain it or drink with the ginger pieces.

Garlic. We all know about the almighty garlic, it can kick some serious ass. The only downside about garlic is the garlic breath and the taste of course. You can cook with it, but you won’t be able to get a good dose from it. When I was little my parents and granny made a rye bread sandwitch with garlic pieces stuck inside the bread, some butter and sausage (just google “keeduvorst”), it helps with the taste but I found a better way. I don’t remember where I got that idea, but you cut the clove in smaller pieces and take them as pills with water! Without having to chew it there’s no taste and it helps a lot with the after garlic breath as well. Now that my boys are big enough they can use this method as well.

Onion. Just as with garlic and ginger, there are many ways to use onion to help with cold and flu. This page teaches how to make onion syrup and children’s onion soup for cough. I have never tried those cause I feel with ginger and garlic that’s already enough, but sooner or later I’ll try them out for sure. I’ve also heard about putting onions in socks for the night. Haven’t tried that one either, but I have tried the thing where you cut onions in half and place them either near the bed or on window sills and then the onion absorbs the bad bacteria in them. Now, I don’t know how much scientific research this has to back it up, but I swear when I do this , the sickness passes so much faster! Also it’s not anything dangerous or harmful so it doesn’t hurt to try, am I right?

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Cabbage. Years ago I was really sick and my throat was just awful, my mom suggested to put some cabbage leaves on my neck for the night, over my tonsils and to secure with a scarf or a band or something. My Italian boyfriend (now husband) and mother-in-law thought I was ridiculous. But the joke was on them because next morning my throat didn’t hurt anymore and it didn’t come back either! I’ve used this a few times, mmostly when I’m desperate and it has helped really well! Again, doesn’t hurt to try.

Tumeric. Sprinkle that shit everywhere! Jokes aside it helpsto reduce fever and cold, is anti-viral and gives your immune system a boost. Here’s a more in depth explanation along with dosage and precautions.

Vitaimin C. Some of the foods high in vitamin c are:
kakadu plums, acerola cherries, rose hips, chilli peppers, guavas, sweet yellow peppers, blackcurrants, thyme, parley, mustard spinach, kale, kiwis, broccoli, brussel sprouts, lemons, lychees, american persimmons, papayas, strawberries and oranges.

Vitamin D. Get your dose of sunshine. Of course there are supplements, but I’m trying to keep this post as low cost as possible and I have no idea how expensivo or inexpensive vitamin d supplements are.

Vitamin A rich foods are cantaloupe, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, spinach, broccoli, , milk and fish. Read about more vitamin a rich foods here.

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Teas: Add honey and lemon for more kick ass power to your teas.

Green tea – supports immune function and increases your metabolism

Ginger tea – reduces inflammation, helps with nausea and respiratory problems, strengthens immune system.

Linden tea – promotes sweating and is a natural expectorant

Elderberry tea – boosts immunity, helps to fight viruses and is anti-inflammatory

Echinacea tea – echinacea is widely used in herbal medicine to treat cold and flu

Blackcurrant tea – vitamin c, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral

Rosehip tea – boosts your immune system and helps to fight off cold and flu

Tea Tree oil. As I said in my flu and cold prevention article – if you can afford one essential oil, let it be the Tea Tree oil! Either use it in an oil diffuser or make a spray and spray it all around the house to avoid the germs from spreading. If you have more than one child then this is especially useful. Basically I just spray it every day around the house and concentrate whenever the sick child has been/touched. For example the couch, I spray in the batroom a couple of times and especially their bed once a day, my other son’s bed (cause they sleep in the same room). This has helped to not get us all sick every time.

Sure there are a lot more remedies, but I wanted to share the most low cost ones that have worked well for our family. Of course I didn’t talk about the most obvious ones like get a lot of rest, drink lot of liquids. Although sleep is THE BEST cure there is :) I hope you found this post useful, if you did, leave a like and comment below your best tips to cure or get over a cold/flu faster.

Thank you for reading, until the next time!

How to prevent cold and flu on a small budget

The cold and flu season is hard if you live in a cold climate and sometimes the budget is so tight we can’t even allow the smallest extra purchase. In that case the best strategy is to do everything we can to avoid getting sick altogether. Which is basically impossible if you have kids, especially if they attend school or kindergarten. But you can try, the worst case scenario is that you get sick a little less than usual and that is not bad at all.

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Completely free

Let’s look at the completely free basics.

Avoid crowds as best as you can. During the holidays that can be a little tricky, but just do your best. And when you see/hear someone coughing or sneezing just get as far as you can from them.

Wash your hands. A no brainer, I know, but during the colder months this is extra important. Wash your hands after using public transport, going outside, before eating and so on. Do the same with your kids and teach them the importance as well if they are out in school, in kindergarten or with friends. 

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Good oral hygene is also very important to prevent the bacteria from spreading, so don’t skip on brushing your teeth and make sure your kiddos brush theirs thoroughly.

Stay hydrated! You immune system doesn’t work optimally when dry, so make sure to have plenty of water, 8 glasses a day are recommended for adults. Kids need around 5 glasses of water a day to stay healthy. Also other fluids like tea and soups are great.

Exercise. Don’t wear yourself out, but a moderate exercising is very beneficial. Go and sweat those toxins out.

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Sunshine aka Vitamin D. Get outside when the sun is shining. This might not happen too often, so stay alert and run outside or on the balcony and bask in the precious sunshine.

Not completely free, but still cheap

Garlic. If you already have it at home or you grow it buy yourself then it’s free. Otherwise it’s doesn’t cost much to buy some. Garlic is a known badass for fighting all kind of health problems and is awesome for preveting colds as well. The way I like to get my dose is to cut a clove in smaller pieces and to swallow them with water as pills. This way you can’t feel the taste and without chewing it – much less garlic breath. For the kids, depends on their age. My older boys (10yrs and 8yrs) do the “garlic pill” method with me. My youngest is 2 so I just try to incorporate some in his foods.

Smoothies. If smoothies are something you usually do, just add more of the special ingredients. Berries, apples, chia seeds, cinnamon, and bananas is a good combination. I like to add a small piece of ginger. Use what you have, do a little google research on which fruits, herbs and veggies are the best.

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Vitamin C. I’m pretty sure everyone knows this one. Foods high in vitamin c are kakadu plums, acerola cherries, rose hips, chilli peppers, guavas, sweet yellow peppers, blackcurrants, thyme, parley, mustard spinach, kale, kiwis, broccoli, brussel sprouts, lemons, lychees, american persimmons, papayas, strawberries and oranges. You can either eat them as they are, add them to foods or to your smoothies.

Omega 3. Eat more of foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids as in nuts, seeds, eggs, soy beverages, and salmon.

Detox Bath. Take a bath with epsom salts once a week or two, Epsom salts are cheap and great for detox baths. You can also choose to add some other ingredients depending what you have in hand like Dead Sea salts, apple cider vinegar, lavender, lemon or rosemary essential oil, honey. Just do your research before,check for allergies and make your your essential oils are safe to use in a bath.

Special mention – tea tree oil. If you have very little money to spend I recommend tea tree oil to be the one you buy. The possibilities and choices are vast with essential oils, but tea tree oil has truly been a lifesaver in our home. As far as preventing cold & flu, use an oil diffuser or in every room regularly or make a pray by adding about 10 drops of it to 100-200ml of water. Then just spray around the house or use it to clean any contact points to keep the germs from spreading.

That is it for my little “How to prevent cold/flu on a small budget”. I hope you found it useful. If you have your own cheap cold/flu prevention tips leave them down in the comments, cause I’m always looking for new ways to keep my family healthy.

Next time I’ll talk about how to cure a cold/flu on a small budget. So hit that subscription button to stay tuned. Until next time.

How to cure a cold/flu on a small budget