What we eat – 1

Hello everyone. I am already doing a series of meals with 3-5 ingredients (123). I though I’d give you some more food inspiration and show you what we eat in general, things that might also be with more ingredients. Part 1, here we go :)

Fried Rice

I am not a fan of fried rice when we get Chinese food, but I really like this homemade version. Don’t ask me the recipe, I just read a bunch of recipes and then mixed them all in one :P

Movie time snacks

On weekends we like to watch a movie with kids and eat snacks instead of actual food for dinner or lunch. Naughty naughty. In case you don’t know, Crostata is an Italian jam pie basically. Piroshki are Eastern Europe’s savory pastry (do you call it pastry?) with different fillings. I made a meat filling and fried them, but there are plenty of different fillings to choose from and you can also make them in the oven.

Veggie stew

Definitely a staple food in our household during colder months. I just throw in whatever vegetables I have in hand. Cut up the veggies, heat some oil in a pot, throw in onions and then start by throwing in the vegetables one type at a time, starting from the hardest vegetables cause they cook the longest. Add a little bit of water (or broth) at a time to help cook. I’m too lazy to make broth so I just add water and then crumble up the broth cubes and put them in, I add also salt and pepper. If your stew is too liquid add a little bit of flour (or just decide it’s a soup instead). The picture below is not the same as the raw one up, you can see that there aren’t any bell peppers down. As I said, it’s a staple food so I have different photos from different times. Enjoy as is or even better – with a side of black bread!

The Easy Peasy Oven Dinner

Here I just seasoned some chicken breasts, cut up some vegetables and added them to the pan, poured in some broth and threw in the oven. How long does it take you ask? Until it’s ready. Everyone always asks me that question and this is always my answer, when the chicken is fully cooked and the vegetables are soft. Just keep an eye on your food, put a times to 25min then check and see how much does it need to cook more.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspiration. Take care and talk to you soon.


Pasta with tomato sauce – different versions

For Italians, pasta with tomato sauce is a staple food. Honestly I am not a fan of it, but I’ve learned to appreciate it and to make different versions to make it either better for me or to use up what I have at home. It’s much cheaper to buy a simple tomato puree and make your sauces yourself. I’m sure you can find a ton of fancy recipes out there, but I’m going to share quick and cheap versions.

Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

The Basic Tomato Sauce. My mother in law starts this with garlic and onion, but neither my kids or partner like it that way so we’re just going to skip it. Start by heating a sauce pan, add a little bit of oil, then add your puree. Add sugar, salt and pepper. Sugar is necessary to neutralize the acidity in the sauce, salt and pepper are for taste. You’re going to need to try it to see what’s the ratio that you prefer. Bring it to boil for a second and then let it cook on low heat for about 10 minutes. AND IT’S DONE! That’s it, you don’t need nothing else. Mix it in with your pasta, you can add cheese on top for extra taste. While your cooking your sauce don’t be afraid to experiment with spices, try adding sweet paprica, curry, fresh or dried basil, garlic or onion powder. And as I said in the beginning you could mince some garlic and/or cut onions to very small pieces and add in before the sauce. And beware of the tomato splashes, keep a lid on and use a sauce pan/wok or a smaller pot.

The Veggie Sauce. Here you can get as creative as you want. Heat the pan, add oil, cook your veggies, then add your puree and follow the instructions of the basic sauce. I mostly use bellpeppers for this and cut them into smaller pieces, I’ve also used just onion, I’ve used eggplant, carrots (cut them really small or grate with the bigger side). Mushrooms would work really well, I’m just not a fan of mushrooms in general so I don’t use them a lot. I often use a frozen chinese veggie mix too and that I usually serve with rice instead of pasta.

Photo from Pixabay by efirm

The Carnivore Sauce. I use either ground meat , wieners or boiled sausage (the doctor’s sausage). Same thing as with veggies: heat pan, add oil, add your meat (obviously raw meat is going to have to cook more than the sausages) and then the puree.

Other tips:

  • Add a little bit of water if you need to stretch your sauce. You can also put a little bit of water in the bottle/jar/box, give it a shake and you’ll get out the last of the puree.
  • If you like spicy food, add chilli powder or other spicy stuff.
  • This may sound weird, but I think it would taste pretty good – put in some pickles.

Other ways to use up your sauce:

  • On the pizza
  • Make some chilli
  • Cook meatballs or chicken drumsticks in it
  • Make an oven pasta dish, one layer of cream or besciamella and another one of tomato sauce
  • Use it in a soup
  • Make lasagne/parmigiana/cannelloni

I hope you found this little guide useful. Let me know how do you like to use your tomato sauce. Until next time!

Semolina Mousse

Time for another cheap dessert recipe! I grew up eating this and it’s delicious. I don’t make it that often cause one of my sons doesn’t eat it (he doesn’t like anything that has a mushy consistency) and I prefer making foods that all of us will eat. Just as with the Sweet Curd Balls, there are plenty of recipes out there and I didn’t come up with it. I just want to give you some cheap food ideas that you usually wouldn’t think to make :)

By the way I have never said where I am from, I am not hiding it, but I think it’ll be fun to see how long until someone guesses :) Anyway, here is what you’ll need:

1l of juice (any berry juice is the best choice, but you could also use somekind of fruit syrup and dilute it)

1,5 dl of semolina

sugar if needed (depends on your juice choice and preference)

milk for serving

  1. Pour your juice into a pot and bring to boil. Once it’s boiling lower the heat and add the semolina. Mix well with a whisk to avoid clumps and cook on a low heat for 10-15 minutes, until it thickens (stir often). For this recipe it’s better on the liquid side and not too porridge kind of thick. See if you need to add sugar, I added a little bit.

2. When it’s ready pour it into a big bowl and let it cool down. My mom used to cover it and put it outside.

3. Once it’s cooled down take your electric mixer and mix it until it’s nice and fluffy, more voluminous and the color gets lighter. I would say not less than 5 minutes.

4. All is left to do is to serve it with a little bit of cold milk. Mmmmmmhhhh so yummy. It’s especially great for hot summer days when you want something lightweight and refreshing.

I hope you’ll give this a try and if you do, let me know how it went! Talk to you soon people.

3-5 ingredient meals Part.2

Here I am with another post for simple, cheap and few ingredient meals. Here’s Part 1 if you missed it.

Rice with veggies

Again, old photos, not meant for a blog, just to give you an idea.

All I did here was to boil some rice and a frozen veggie mix, threw it all together with some spices and voilĂ . Feel free to add a sauce of any kind.

Homemade pizza

This one is tecnically more ingredients but if you count the dough as just one then you’ve got: dough, tomato sauce, cheese, wieners .Maybe you can find a good price on the dough, or you can just do it yourself – it’s super simple I promise (maybe I’ll do a post one day). I don’t know about the tomato sauces in ther countries but I always add a little bit of sugar to eliminate the acidity and salt for taste. During our hardest times we even made the pizza with just the tomato sauce, no cheese or other toppings. Use what you have! Once we used just onions as toppings too and it was great.

Semolino porridge breakfast

Prepare it with water or milk, add a little sugar and just a tiny bit off salt and serve it with jam. Or maple syrup, compote, cinnamon or fruit – as always whatever you have in hand.

Egg-butter sandwitch

Boil some eggs, smash them with a fork. Mix the eggs with butter, salt and pepper (you can add mayonnaise too). Spread it on your sandwitch and add lettuce. Boom, simple and tasty and cheap!

French toast casserole breakfast

For this take some old bread, make big pieces and put a first layer on your oven dish, take some jam and put it here and there on the bread. Then mix some milk, sugar and cinnamon, pour some over the first layer. Then repeat for the second layer. Do as many layers as you want, cook in the oven until the top is nice and crunchy. Serve it with some milk while it’s still warm. Add some fruit is you have some, the original recipe just goes with milk.

Hopefully these gave you some ideas and please let me know if you try these! See you next time.

Sweet curd balls

Hi there and welcome :) So this recipe is not anything new or special that I invented, it’s a largely used recipe from where I come from. But I want to share it with you, cause it’s very cheap & yummy and otherwise you wouldn’t know to search for it, I’m sure it wouldn’t come up in “cheap sweets” if you did a google or pinterest search.

Once again, not the best photos. I made those for my husband to show him what I was doing. I always send him photos of food while he’s at work :P


250-300g of curd or ricotta

2 eggs

3 tbsp of sugar (depends on your preference)

Around 7 tbsp of flour (depends on the size on your eggs)

1 tsp of baking powder

just a pinch of salt

Optional: lemon zest or juice

Oil for cooking

  • Beat the eggs with sugar
  • Mix in the curd/ricotta, then salt and baking powder
  • Start mixing in the flour, until it’s a nice thick consistency
  • Heat up the oil (use an oil that doesn’t have a strong taste). To test the oil put in a tiny piece of dough and if it starts to form little bubbles right away then it’s ready
  • To form the balls, use two spoons. Take some dough on one spoon and scrape it into the oil with another one. You can definitely do a better job than me, cause I just don’t care as long as it tastes good :P
  • Prepare a plate with some paper towels to absorb the oil and remove the balls wih a slotted spoon/skimmer spoon.
  • Sprinkle on some powdered sugar before serving and there you go

Enjoy your creation – bon apetit! As always I hope this post was useful and definitely let me know if you try these out :) Until next time lovely people.

3-5 ingredient meals Part.1

Hello beautiful people! The last time I wrote about “How to meal plan on a very small budget” and today I want to give you a few meal ideas as well. These meals are super simple, not fancy at all, just for pure survival but at the same time as interesting as possible to not to go crazy by eating always the same stuff! I said in my last post that you can mix your basics and toppings however you like, here are my favorites.

Rice salad

This photo is like from 3 years ago & was not meant for a blog so excuse the quality, actually excuse all the photos in this post.

Boil some rice, cut up tomatoes, cucumbers and mince a little bit of garlic. Mix the veggies in a bowl with some oil, salt, pepper and any other sspices you want. I also add lettuce sometimes. Mix it all up with rice and eat, if you want to or have put some mayo on tp. Or sour cream or even ketchup if that’s what you like, but in my opinion mayo is the best for this.

Breakfast rice

You can either cook it normally & add some milk later (or when you’re heating it up) or cook it directly in some milk. Add a tiny bit of salt and some sugar when it’s cooking and top it with some jam later. You could also use maple syrup, but it’s suuuuper expensive where I live, so if you can get it for a little price – I envy you!

Pasta salad

Here I just boiled some pasta and eggs, chopped the eggs, wurstel and fresh cucumber. Mixed it all up with salt, pepper, maybe some other spices. Then I mixed in some mayonnaise and yogurt. That’s more than 5 ingredients but you can mix in only mayo or yogurt, or sour cream. Use what you have.

Lazy lunch

Here I cut up some bread and wurstels, put it on an oven tray, poured on top some eggs, sprinkled some salt and pepper on top and cooked until the eggs were ready and then served it with lettuce. Again, any sauces are very welcome with this kind of food.

Black bread sandwitch

This photo is pretty self explanatory: black bread, margarine (or butter), cheese, bananas and milk for a drink for more calories. If you can find good and cheap black bread then definitely get some cause black bread is so much more filling and better for you than white bread :)

That’s it for today, I’ll definitely make more of these! Let me know what do you think of these and if you make these tell me how it went and how did you like them. Until next time.

How to plan meals on a very small budget

Hello again and welcome if you are new to my blog. So, when you have a very limited budget then this is the best time to plan your meals to make sure you don’t spend too much and to make sure you always have something to eat. There was a time when we lived 4 adults, 2 kids, 3 cats and 1 dog on a single income, I took it on myself to plan out the meals and the shopping every week in the budget so we wouldn’t starve . Thankfully things are much better now for us, everyone goes through difficult times, there’s no shame in that. I am actually very thankful for those times, cause I learned so much! Today I’m going to share with you the tips and tricks. I also need to mention that different countries (probably states as well if you’re from US) have different cheap items, something that costs nothing in one country could be a luxury item in another. I know that well after living in 3 different countries and it can be frustrating, especially when I search for “cheap recipes” online and the ingredients cost a lot where I live.

Photo from Pixabay by rawpixel

How many meals? And what kind? First you need to find out how manay main meals you need (lunch and dinner), if you get these down it’s all good. Even if you skip breakfast or a snack some days at least you have something to fill your belly. For us this was 14 meals for week, but maybe you get a free meal at your work some days or you can go to your parents (or whoever) to dinner. Then do the same with breakfast. And then the least important, but we can’t live without our afternoon snack. Now you have the numbers, let’s move on.

Photo from Pixabay by Bru-nO

Promos & coupons. We don’t have coupons where we live, but I always checked online all the offers in different shops before starting my plan. If the rice is discounted I’ll have more rice meals that week and so on. You have to know your shops, where to get the best prices on stuff.

Photo by Lars Blankers on Unsplash

The basics. Those are the main part of your lunch and dinner meals, the ones that fill you up, the ones that shouldn’t you be able to buy anything else, you could still survive by eating those (wouldn’t be fun or good but it’s something). The basics are pasta, potatoes, rice, bread flour, any cereal (buckwheat, cous cous etc). Keep in mind how big is your household. How many people does one pack of 500g pasta feed? If it’s only 2 of you you can have around 3 uses from one pack, so when you’re making a list do the math. For us it was one pack for one meal. A kg of rice gave us around 2 meals.

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny on Unsplash

The toppings. This is the stuff you put on your basics: tomato sauce, veggies, beans, meat, cheese etc. Stick to simple meals with few ingredients. Spices are your best friends and stock up on sauces (like ketchup, mayo, barbeque – whatever is your thing) when there is a good offer to give a more taste to your simple meals. Now that you’ve checked out the promos you can decide which ones are the most convenient, which vegetables  are on sale, which toppings are the most versatile and you can make the most of of them and so on.

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

Breakfast & snacks. Now see what can you use for your breakfast. Flour and bread are really cheap everywhere I think. I didn’t even buy eggs for pancakes or french toast. I made pancakes with yogurt, flour, some water, sugar, baking soda and oil. And for french toast I made them with milk, sugar and cinnamon. We also ate bread with jam or margarine, or just plain cheap tea bisquits. Oatmeal is cheap but we never used that cause no one but me likes it in my family.  Eggs are not that cheap where we live so lucky you if they are where you live. If you can get your hands on cheap bulk cereal and milk – go ahead.

Photo by Ibrahim Rifath on Unsplash

Buy for the whole week & avoid small shops. Yes, yes I know, support the local, support the small shops. The small shops are usually a little more expensive, it might not be a lot but it adds up in the end. First you gotta strive, then you can support them in the future :)

I am going to do a post on 3-4 ingredient foods you can make for some inspiration. In the meantime I hope this helped you out a little! Stay strong and with a little bit of organization you can get through anything!