What we eat – 1

Hello everyone. I am already doing a series of meals with 3-5 ingredients (123). I though I’d give you some more food inspiration and show you what we eat in general, things that might also be with more ingredients. Part 1, here we go :)

Fried Rice

I am not a fan of fried rice when we get Chinese food, but I really like this homemade version. Don’t ask me the recipe, I just read a bunch of recipes and then mixed them all in one :P

Movie time snacks

On weekends we like to watch a movie with kids and eat snacks instead of actual food for dinner or lunch. Naughty naughty. In case you don’t know, Crostata is an Italian jam pie basically. Piroshki are Eastern Europe’s savory pastry (do you call it pastry?) with different fillings. I made a meat filling and fried them, but there are plenty of different fillings to choose from and you can also make them in the oven.

Veggie stew

Definitely a staple food in our household during colder months. I just throw in whatever vegetables I have in hand. Cut up the veggies, heat some oil in a pot, throw in onions and then start by throwing in the vegetables one type at a time, starting from the hardest vegetables cause they cook the longest. Add a little bit of water (or broth) at a time to help cook. I’m too lazy to make broth so I just add water and then crumble up the broth cubes and put them in, I add also salt and pepper. If your stew is too liquid add a little bit of flour (or just decide it’s a soup instead). The picture below is not the same as the raw one up, you can see that there aren’t any bell peppers down. As I said, it’s a staple food so I have different photos from different times. Enjoy as is or even better – with a side of black bread!

The Easy Peasy Oven Dinner

Here I just seasoned some chicken breasts, cut up some vegetables and added them to the pan, poured in some broth and threw in the oven. How long does it take you ask? Until it’s ready. Everyone always asks me that question and this is always my answer, when the chicken is fully cooked and the vegetables are soft. Just keep an eye on your food, put a times to 25min then check and see how much does it need to cook more.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspiration. Take care and talk to you soon.


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