Social Media Benefits

Most of the time we hear about how bad social media is and I want to talk about the good side of social media in today’s post. Social media, internet, smart phones – it’s all fairly new and that is why I think it’s normal that we have been going through this fase of overusing it and using it the wrong way. Most of new inventions have brought some bad things with them because we simply did not yet know how to operate. Think about electricity, it was really dangerous back then cause they didn’t have the right regulations and understanding so a lot of accidents and fires and explosions happened. And let’s not even get into medicine.

At first it was this new fun and stimulating thing so of course we were all over it. Too much of the good thing is always a bad thing. The thing is, we’re fially starting to get the hang of it. We’re acknowledging the bad sides of social media, talking about it and taking a more balanced approach to it.

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

New Mom Life. The new generations who are becoming moms are so lucky! They can get any information online, there are thousands of videos out there talking about the ugly sides of motherhood, staying at home or working moms, post partum depression & anxiety. It helps so much to know that you are not alone, that it’s ok to struggle and to not be happy all the time. There is endless information on anything you need to know about pregnancy & newborns. Many new moms feel like they don’t know enough and maybe never had a mother figure or live far away from family, so it’s great that they can get advice from other mom from all around the world, from different backgrounds and different lifestyles. When I had my first two kids there were a lot of baby forums and I quit them almost immediately cause they just made me feel like crap with all their “perfect” lives. I loved watching Teen Mom cause it showed the struggles of motherhood, not just for teenage moms but for all moms.

Teenage/Embarrasing Questions. How wonderful for the teenagers of today to be able to find all the answers to their embarrasing questions online! Whether they are too scared to talk to their parents or they don’t have anyone, they can get all the knowledge online. And this applies to any embarrasing questions you might have.

Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

How to evertything! From physical to mental to spiritual. How to be happier, more productive, better parent, healthy. How to learn more efficiently, budget, do your hair, learn to do anything. If I would’ve have all those productivity, happy mindset and learning videos as a teenager I would’ve been in so much better mental space. It’s wonderful that so many people share their knowledge and skills on social media for us to learn. Today you can pretty much do anything with the help of youtube!

Making money. A very important part of social media. How amazing is it that it’s possible to make money online and through social media! Especially for the stay at home moms, people with disabilities, introverts, people with social anxiety, students. There are so many possibilities for anyone!

Photo by Pepi Stojanovski on Unsplash

Getting to know people beforehand. How many time have we wasted on friends and dates to find out they’re a creep or have conflicting ideas about something (politics, religion, parenting, lifestyle, racism etc) with ours. Now you can gather a lot of information about people on social media, you can avoid getting invested in people that would eventually disappear from your life anyway. This saves time and heartbreak.

Finding your people. Whatever things you like, whatever hobbies you have and however weird they might be – online you can find people who are into the same weird stuff as you. In real life it might be rare to meet those people, but thanks to social media you get to connect with them.

Dating & hooking up. So much more opportunities for dating and hook ups.The great thing is that online people are more likely to be honest about their intentions and let others know they’re only looking for some fun or a one night stand. Much less heartbreak this way :) And dating of course. How many people have found the love of their life online today? A shitload – me included!

Photo by Ashley Schulze on Unsplash

Ok, I’m done glorifying social media for today :P The thing is, humans tend to exaggerate EVERYTHING. We turn so many good things into bad things because we just can’t keep it balanced. So keep it balanced people and enjoy the benefits of social media. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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