How to get through tough financial times

Welcome back beautiful people. A lot of us will go through financially difficult times, shit happens, life happens, it isn’t fun! Don’t be ashamed of those times, just concentrate on getting through those times the best you can. Today I want to share my tips from my tough times and what I did to come out on the other side and not to let it get the best of me.

Photo by Michael Longmire on Unsplash

Be grateful. This is the number one thing you need to do! I started writing down every day a few things I am grateful for, because no matter how tough things are there is probably someone who is doing even worse. I wrote things like: having food to eat (even if it’s not the tastiest food), having a roof over my head, health, spending time with my kids and husband, getting extra money, beautiful weather, good mood, having energy to work out, having fun with the kids at the park, talking on the phone with my mom/dad/brothers/grandparents/friends from back home, talking to someone nice on internet. Those tough times really shifted my perspective and made me a better and a more thankful person.

Plan. It is soooooo important to plan all your budget and your expenses and meals. You need put away money for bills and groceries first to arrive to the next payday. And you need to know exactly what you’re going to eat so you don’t overspend on groceries. It is crucial! Let me just make an example on what a difference good planning makes. During our hard times we lived with my in-laws, we moved to another (cheaper) country and lived all from my father-in-laws retirement. We were 4 adults, 2 kids, 3 cats and a dog. I did all the groceries and food planning and my husband did the bills. Everyone was fed and bills paid, it was tight but we made it. My husband got a job and we moved out, they now have the same amount of money but minus 5 mouths (2 adults, 2 kids & a cat) to feed but they can’t make it! They never have enough! How is that possible!? This goes against all logic! They don’t plan, they don’t think outside of the box and are very picky eaters.

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Help from others. This one is obvious, but if someone can help you in any way, then why not. Whether it’s hand me down clothing or apples from their garden, or a friend who can help with repairs, anything.

Sell stuff. Another obvious one, but we have a lot of un-used stuff we can make a little money from. Maybe before you never thought about it, but during the tough times even the smallest amounts can make a big difference. We literally sold all of our old phones, printers, cameras that we had lying around. Whether you get to buy an extra loaf of bread or a small treat to yourself, it may save your tummy from hunger for a day or just give you an extra boost for getting to eat some chocolate for a change.

Get creative. Another big lesson I learned and am very grateful for was the creativity I gained. When you don’t have the money or resources you find ways to do things differently. You’ll find that things you thought were impossible are actually doable.

DIY. Since you can’t buy new stuff or hire people to do stuff for you, you’re going to have to start doing things on your own. Thank god for internet on how to make, repair and revamp anything under the sun.

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Can’t be picky. I know it can be hard and frustrating, but be thankful you have something to eat/wear/to live in and so on.We all have our preferences, we get tired of the same stuff, but stay strong and think about those people who are starving or freezing, at least you have something! I have to bring my mother-in-law in this again, but she truly is the example of everything you shouldn’t do when you don’t have money. She has always said how she eats everything. But during these times she was always complaining, so I said: “I thought you said you eat everything?!” And she answered:”Of course I do, I eat everything tht I like!” My….gosh…..yeah, I don’t think this is what it means to eat everything :D

Lose the poverty mindset. This might not be something that everyone believes in, but our words and thought hold immense power! The best thing you can do concentrate on what you have, be thankful and don’t keep saying how poor you are. Instead say you’re going through a tough time. You could (and in my opinion you definitely should) do also affirmations of abundance:

  • I am abundant in all.
  • I have enough.
  • I have everything I need.
  • The Universe is abundant and there is enough for everyone.
  • The Universe will provide for me
  • Money comes to me easily.
  • My actions create constant prosperity.
  • I deserve abundance and prosperity.
  • I am open to receive wealth.
  • I attract success.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Quality over quantity is not always the way. Yes, you should invest in things that last longer and that you get more use out of. But sometimes you just don’t have the option to choose, it’s either quantity or nothing. And it’s ok. It’s ok to buy the cheaper food and not the organic stuff, cause it fills your childrens bellies up. Bad food is better than no food. It’s ok to buy the cheapest low quality clothing for your kids, cause they grow so fast anyway and you can’t afford buying brand sweaters, pants, shoes, jackets and so on to multiple kids.

Get a side hustle if you can. If you have a possibility to do something, do it. A part time job, working from home or sell your services. Use your skills, teach a language you speak or a skill, do some repair work, mend clothes, do gardening, do tutoring, clean houses. There are a lot of possibilities, it all depends on your personal skills and possibilities.

Photo by S A R A H ✗ S H A R P on Unsplash

Enjoy the simple and little things. This kind of goes with the first one, but not exactly. Learn to enjoy the simple things and activities that are free. Like taking a walk in the city/neighbourhood/forest, going to the park with the kids, watching movies and chatting with your significant other instead of going out, working out or dancing at home, drinking a cup of coffee/tea in the morning, tending your garden if you’re lucky to have one, going on a picnic, discovering your city/area instead of going on a tropical vacation, playing with your pet, game night with the family or friends, reading a book/magazine/article in the internet and so on. It’s the key to your happiness and sanity during hard times!

As always I hope this post was useful or inspiring to you. If you have your own tips, please share them in the comments, let’s help each other out :) If you’re going through difficult financial times then I ‘m sorry to hear that, but you can do it! You’re going to get through, you’re going to dig yourself out of it! Stay strong and until next time!


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